Concrete Services

concrete services

We needed some concrete work done in our facilities, so we had Mike from our customer service department do some research, and he did so well, we wanted to share it with everyone. Read on for more information:

Most concrete contractors will offer a wide range of services related to concrete construction.

The most commonly available concrete services include:

1. Slabs and Driveways

Most homes will need a driveway, and in many cases, will have the need of stone slabs for various purposes. Concrete is an excellent material for both of these structures. Skilled and experienced concrete contractors can offer homeowners installation servcies for these products.

2. Swimming Pool Additions

Most swimming pools will require concrete surrounds to separate them from the soil and to provide structural integrity for the large mass of water that is being supported. Concrete contractors can quickly, easily and economically perform this important service for homeowners.

3 Patios

When it comes to developing a backyard, few additions work better than a patio. They can be used for many purposes, including barbecues, gatherings, hot tub installations, and much more. Concrete is a great material for this purpose, because it is water resistant and long-lasting.

4. Retaining Walls

Many landowners experience problems with erosion and land movement. This situation can degrade not only the structure of the hoem itself, but it can also potentially lower the value of the property. By having sturdy and durable concrete retaining walls installed, this situation can be stopped in its tracks.

5. Stamped or Decorative Concrete

Whatever surface you want concreting, you can jazz up your designs with some well-thought out stamped decorative concrete patterns. The designs are only limited by your imagination, as you can construct almost any pattern imaginable! Your local concrete contractor can normally help you with the design, as well as the installation, process.

6. Floors

Concrete floors are commonly requested installations, as concrete is a great, robust material for most flooring applications. There are a variety of flooring options, depending on whether or not the floor is internal or external, and exposed to the elements. Internal flooring can be further enhanced by using a polished concrete product.

How We Train – Steps of Progression

Have you tried using a personal trainer yet?

If not, give us a shot. If you have, and are still looking, you probably have not found the perfect trainer for you. has a huge network of trainers to help match you up with the right trainer the first time.

Our trainers are well versed in the art of coaching. They can tailor a program that will fit your lifestyle and goals. We will perform an assessment with you to determine your current level of fitness and abilities. Then we design a program around stability and strength, to help you reach your goals. If you want to jump higher, run faster, or punch harder, we can get you all that and more.


Stability is crucial to help you move safely and reduce any risk of injury. It helps your movements to stay in control. Your first month of training will most likely be to help your whole body become stable. Every movement in the body affects every other part of the body, that is why we train your whole body to become stable. When you have this stability, it allows you to push much harder when it comes to building strength. During this part of a program, many clients seem to “find muscles they didn’t even know they had!”


Strength helps you lift and move faster. This is generally what most people are thinking about when they think about personal training. It involves dumbbells, kettlebells, bars, weight plates, plyometrics, medicine balls, and a lot of fun. Most people will enjoy this part of the training, but remember, stability must come first, then you get to do the crazy stuff! Strength doesn’t mean huge muscles. Ladies, just because you are lifting weights, doesn’t mean you are going to start looking bulky. Guys, just because you are lifting weights, doesn’t mean you are going to start looking bulky. Bulking up takes a lot of determination and perseverance. You won’t see major results overnight. You won’t look like a competitive body builder in a year.


Start Today

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. You have to start. And you should start now. There is no easy way, no 10 second abs, or 60 day program, that can really give you the lifestyle change you are looking for. Stop falling into the trap of late night infomercials that are trying to take your money. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get into the best shape of your life. Your money can’t replace your motivation. Start today, because you can’t start yesterday.

Fat Loss – The Mystery

Everyone feels like if they lost just a few more pounds, they would be healthier, more attractive, and happier.

But is this the truth?

I don’t think so. The truth is that we each gain and lose a couple of pounds each day due to consumption, digestion, and excretion. If you just start working out, you might even notice that you gain a couple pounds, due to increased muscle mass. But would you really notice a change, if the change was only a few pounds?

Okay, maybe what is really meant is: “If I lost a couple of pounds of body fat.”

Now, a couple of pounds of body fat might be noticeable. You might have a couple of pounds right on your stomach. If you lost that fat, you would probably notice it! If your goal was only to lose a few pounds of body fat however, you might not notice the difference. This is because your body will pull from fat all over your body, such as your legs or arms.

What you really need, is a radical change. Not just a few pounds of fat, but maybe 20 pounds of body fat. Make your goal big! Make it something that inspires you. Maybe you need to think about why you need to lose 20 pounds of fat. Your reason why may be something like, “It would allow me to tie my shoes.” or “I don’t feel beautiful anymore.” We all have a very specific reason why we want to lose weight. You need to drill down and find the real reason. Being vague won’t be motivational or inspirational.

think big

Think big.

It is the only way you will be able to achieve big goals in your life. You have to stay motivated. Please give us a call and we can help you sort out your goals, dreams, and aspirations. We can help you find a reason to be motivated. We can help keep you accountable. That’s what is here for, to improve your personal wellness! That, and to have fun! You need to enjoy life to be successful! You can trust our expert trainers to get your life back on track.

So get out there and win big today!

Personal Training Qualifications

Here at, we believe that research and science are top priorities when it comes down to training methodologies.

All of our training staff are bonafide.

We strive to provide only the highest quality training.

To do that, it takes work.

First, we start with research. We want to take in all the information we can about a subject before teaching it to others. Our research team scours research document after research document, trying to ascertain the truth. We look at the old stuff, because “those who don’t understand history, are bound to repeat it”. Now, the old research is often outdated, but almost always useful in helping to establish a baseline. It keeps the new, cutting edge research that we perform, from getting away from itself. There is a lot of good, old information out there, and it is important to study it all. We also put a lot of focus into recent developments and cutting edge research. Our society as a whole, is rapidly advancing in knowledge accumulation and research. The advent of the internet helped to speed up the process. We stay on top of any breakthrough research, to bring you the latest news and information on training methodologies. However, we also must avoid any fads, as they are usually untested, unhealthy, or just plain don’t work.

Second, we test it. Before we ever use a method or training technique on a client, we test it to ensure that it will not lead to injury or reduced performance. This is a top priority. Our development team runs tests on all of our training programs to ensure optimum benefits and minimized risk. An injury can result in months of setback. This is the biggest reason to have a trainer help coach you with your exercise regime. They can help you to ensure that you won’t go past the line of safety, while pushing you to work your hardest.

Third, we execute. We bring all this research and development to you. To your body. To your life. It all climaxes into a better you. Our trainers will help you to pick the right exercises, the right movements, and the right lifestyle. The programs are fun to help you stay motivated.

Motivation is the hardest part.

You have to want it so bad that you can wake up early and face the challenge that lies before you. You have to want it so bad that you will look at that fast food joint and know that it is only there to destroy you and your gains. Motivation like this is hard to keep up on a day-to-day basis. You need a coach, you need a mentor. Someone who will hold you accountable for your actions, and will be there to support you when you feel like you can’t stand on your own. Give us a call today, and we will get you motivated to start changing your life now.

All of our trainers are certified by one of the following prestigious programs to ensure your consistent development and safety:

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification

American College of Sports Medicine Certification

Who We Are

Fitness – A Lifestyle

We run, so we can run harder. We lift, so we can lift harder. We fitness, so we can… fitness harder? YES!

Our goal is to live a full-life. That is why we train.

Here at, we focus on the things that matter, like running marathons. Oh, and family too… when they train with us.

It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t trained one day in your life, or if you have been training for 40 years, we want to help you live a full-life. If you need more time with your family, we can design a fitness program that utilizes more muscles per exercise, which reduces the amount of sets you need, meaning you spend less time training. If you have a specific area that you feel like you need to work on, maybe you want to jump higher, for instance, we can help you accomplish that too!

Consistency is key. That is why we make training fun and engaging. Training program adherence is an industry wide problem. Too often we see people become incredibly enthusiastic, usually around new year’s, only to run out of motivation a month later. We want to change this, we want to help you get in shape, and stay in shape.