Who We Are

Fitness – A Lifestyle

We run, so we can run harder. We lift, so we can lift harder. We fitness, so we can… fitness harder? YES!

Our goal is to live a full-life. That is why we train.

Here at niketrainers.us, we focus on the things that matter, like running marathons. Oh, and family too… when they train with us.

It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t trained one day in your life, or if you have been training for 40 years, we want to help you live a full-life. If you need more time with your family, we can design a fitness program that utilizes more muscles per exercise, which reduces the amount of sets you need, meaning you spend less time training. If you have a specific area that you feel like you need to work on, maybe you want to jump higher, for instance, we can help you accomplish that too!

Consistency is key. That is why we make training fun and engaging. Training program adherence is an industry wide problem. Too often we see people become incredibly enthusiastic, usually around new year’s, only to run out of motivation a month later. We want to change this, we want to help you get in shape, and stay in shape.